VE 2000 was founded in 2019 by a handful of passionate singers in Bruneck, South Tyrol: 

The history of the ensemble‘s creation is closely linked to the common musical past of the singers, who made music together in their childhood and youth in various choirs. The musicians of the ensemble are united by a love for the different forms of artistic expression that extends beyond music - a fact that is reflected in the selection of projects and in the demands on their own work as an ensemble:

The interdisciplinary approach is a central element in all of the ensemble‘s projects, which, depending on the occasion, brings in what is suitable:  All kinds of art, along with the always centrally embedded singing, are used and shown - whether it‘s theatre, literature, dance, visual and applied arts or performance. 

VE2000 sees itself as a musical collective that, under the conceptual and artistic direction of Maria Craffonara, helps the many sides of the arts to find unique expression in ever new constellations. 

Maria Craffonara

Maria Craffonara, a musician from Bruneck, is the artistic director of the VE2000. 

Maria Craffonara studied at the Mozarteum Salzburg with a focus on choral conducting with Herbert Böck, and in Vienna at the University of Music. She has established herself on the international scene through her teaching activities as a vocal coach, as a choral voice coach, choir conductor and through her own songwriting and arranging. The list of clients and partners includes renowned institutions such as the Vienna Boys' Choir, the Wiener Konzerthaus, The World Peace Choral Festival, the Austrian Cultural Forum Tehran, SUPERAR - Association for the Promotion of Active Music Making, Singing and Dancing by Young People, BRUNNENPASSAGE - Art and Social Space of Caritas Vienna, the Municipal Music Schools of Vienna, South Tyrolean Association of Singers and many more. 

For years, she has been celebrating international success with the quartet "Donauwellenreiter" and composes music for her solo project 'Da Sora'. The festival 'Songs on a Summer Evening' awarded her the 'Walther von der Vogelweide - Prize for Young Song Makers' in 2017. 

The voices

These are the members of VE2000  

Alea Innerbichler (Soprano)
Alexandra Wolf (Alto)
Elisabeth von Zieglauer (Alto)
Gertrud Pescoller (Soprano II)
Kathrin Schönhuber (Soprano)
Maria Craffonara (Alto II)
Marion von Zielgauer (Soprano)
Nora Dejaco (Alto II)
Ursula Mahlknecht (Soprano)
Ursula Pescoller (Alto)


Contact details

Artistic direction and development 
Maria Craffonara

Communication and project management 
Nora Dejaco 

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