VE 2000 was founded in 2019 by a handful of passionate singers in Bruneck, South Tyrol: 

The history of the ensemble‘s creation is closely linked to the common musical past of the singers, who made music together in their childhood and youth in various choirs. The musicians of the ensemble are united by a love for the different forms of artistic expression that extends beyond music - a fact that is reflected in the selection of projects and in the demands on their own work as an ensemble:

The interdisciplinary approach is a central element in all of the ensemble‘s projects, which, depending on the occasion, brings in what is suitable:  All kinds of art, along with the always centrally embedded singing, are used and shown - whether it‘s theatre, literature, dance, visual and applied arts or performance. 

VE2000 sees itself as a musical collective that, under the conceptual and artistic direction of Maria Craffonara, helps the many sides of the arts to find unique expression in ever new constellations. 

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Artistic direction and development 
Maria Craffonara

Communication and project management 
Nora Dejaco

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