Past projects

SEPTEMBER 12, 2020

Interdisciplinary opening project for Kulturzentrum astra centro culturale 

SEPTEMBER 25, 2020

Reprise of  SUM ERGO SUM performance and music concept at Eppan / Appiano


SUM ERGO SUM - Interdisciplinary project for the exhibition, BRUNECK 2020

On request of the civic museum of Bruneck, VE2000 designed an interdisciplinary concept for the group exhibition SUM ERGO SUM under the thematic umbrella of New Feminism, so to accompany the opening by combining poetry slam, performance and fashion with the artworks that were hung in the rooms of the civic museum. The brief musical outline of a selection of clichéd female role models, coupled with performance, brought the distorted perspective of various stereotypical role models of women into the museum in an exaggerated way.

Talklang Festival, SAND IN TAUFERS 2019

VE2000 chose a suitable repertoire and stylistic-aesthetic design elements for the concertante part of the biannual Talklang Festival in Sand in Taufers, under the direction and in collaboration with the Belgian curator Guy Vandromme.


Singing Flags | Sounds Of
Climate - Fest der Europaregion Tirol, Neumarkt 2019

In collaboration with the artist Sissa Micheli, VE2000 musically realized an art project, which was set to music by the composer Ira Winkler: The temperature diagram, whose physical implementation in the form of a flag made of protection foil symbolises the escalation of man-made climate change, was sung by VE2000 and physically accompanied by a performance by Neumarkt.

Loneliness and anger | 
Project for the exhibition - WAYS TO THE MUSEUM 04, BRUNECK 2019 

Loneliness and anger - the musical performance in the Bruneck City Museum was accompanied by literary interweaving and dance. VE2000 thus created a genre-spanning framework concept for the exhibition in the civic museum of the city of Bruneck.

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Artistic direction and development 
Maria Craffonara

Communication and project management 
Nora Dejaco 

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